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Looking for a qualified mobile foot health professional in Folkestone?

Do you have sore feet?

Maybe you need help to diagnose what is causing the pain?



I offer a wide range of treatments for your feet, from regular nail trimming and painful corn removal to the treatment of fungal infections and diabetic foot care.


Contact Jenny today to find out how you can treat your feet. 

Neat Feet Solutions Can Help!


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Athletes Foot & Fungal

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Calluses Treatments

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Foot Health Professional

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Corn Treatments

 Foot Massage & Pedicures

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Verruca Treatments

Hard Skin Removal

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Ingrowing Toenail Treatments

Toenail Cutting

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If you suffer from foot pain or you just want to treat your feet, then look no further. Neat Feet Solutions offer a wide range of foot care solutions including:

  • Toenail maintenance - Including toenail reduction, trimming and filing, moisturising and foot massage.

  • Identification and treatment of nail conditions - For example fungal nail infections.

  • Callus reduction - Areas of thickened skin caused by continued pressure or friction which may become painful if untreated.

  •  Corn removal -  A small area of thickened skin caused by pressure or deformity. Left untreated, a corn may become painful.

  • Verrucae treatment - Localised thickening of the skin on the sole of the foot caused by the human papillomavirus. 

  • Athletes foot (tinea pedis) - Causes an itching and burning sensation between the toes. If untreated it can spread to other areas of the foot.

  • Ingrown toenail management - Caused by the side of the nail embedding into the skin of the toe. Untreated this can cause infection.  

  • Diabetic foot care - Advice available. 

Treat your foot pain with our wide range of foot care solutions at
Neat Feet Solutions in Folkestone.
Call us on 01303 311 667 or 07752 133 646


Jenny is a qualified mobile foot health professional from Folkestone, Kent. Jenny is fully insured, DBS checked and is associated with the following professional bodies:


  • Membership of the College of Foot Health Professionals (MCFHP) 

  • Membership of the British Association of Foot Health Professionals (MAFHP). 


Jenny offers a friendly and professional service to all clients and her experience and enthusiasm ensure you will be well looked after. I offer a mobile visits giving the reassurance and comfort of your own home. 


Based in Folkestone, Jenny also covers the Ashford, Hythe and Dover areas.


Please allow up to 1 hour for your initial appointment. We will require you to provide a full medical history and we will provide you with a routine foot assessment.   


A treatment plan will be discussed including any additional costs involved, prior to treatment being given. Follow up treatments will be between 30-45 minutes. 


At the end of each treatment, a foot cream will be applied to moisturise and massage the feet.


** I also offer discounts for groups or couple bookings.

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Common Foot Health Problems

Diabetic Foot Care

Why are regular foot health checks important for Diabetics?

Foot complaints are one of the leading causes of hospitalization of people with diabetes. People who suffer from diabetes are at more risk of developing ulcers of the foot and leg due to circulatory problems. Your doctor or diabetic nurse will also advise you to have regular checks with a Foot Health Practitioner, Chiropodist or Podiatrist. Maintaining healthy foot care is critical for diabetics.

Three key complications that are associated with a high-risk diabetic patient are; neuropathy which is a diminished sensation, poor circulation and also the risk of infection. It is also important that nails are not cut too short and the skin around the nail is not broken as this could easily lead to infection in the diabetic foot.​

Fungal Nail & Skin Conditions

Fungal infections of the feet are very common and contagious.
The skin between the toes and soles of the feet may become itchy, cracked and sore. Sometimes can create an unpleasant odour.
The nails themselves can become thick and brittle and yellow or brown in colour.
Fungal infections can easily be treated and eradicated with the right treatment plan. 

Corns & Calluses

What causes a corn? They are caused by pressure and friction and badly fitting shoes. Corns can be very uncomfortable; you may even feel as if you are walking with a stone in your shoe

Callus is caused by friction and mechanical stress to the foot. Badly fitting shoes or an abnormal way of walking are the cause of the formation of callus.

Treating your corns at home is not always successful. You can buy medicated corn plasters and pads in chemists which often create a bigger issue and as practitioners, we strongly recommend you avoid these. Often professional foot health care is needed to deal with this problem effectively. Never cut or dig at corns yourself as this can lead to infection.

Persistent Verrucae

Most people have a verruca at some stage in their lives. They are a contagious virus (HPV, The Human Papilloma Virus). A verruca is associated with public areas and specifically swimming pools or warm moist environments where the contagious verruca virus invades the foot through small cuts or abrasions. The verucca can be spread from person to person by contact or via surface contact.

Over the counter, verruca remedies can be successfully used but only in conjunction with regular applications and regular appointments with a Foot Health Practitioner like myself.


Just to assure clients due to covid-19 hygiene measures are adhered to. Your safety is paramount. Full personnel protective clothing is worn at all times during home visits. 

All tools are sterilised and used once. 

Sufficient time is given between each client to sanitise.

I would appreciate your patience during this unprecedented time.